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Photoplotting history and equipment

Laserlab started as a photoplotting shop in 1988 with a single Optrotech Laser Photoplotter. In the more than twenty years since then we have shipped hundreds of thousands of photoplots to thousands of customers. We currently have three laser photo plotters located in our class 1000 clean room facility in San Diego, California.

We are located right across the street from a Fedex hub. This allows us to ship your job as late as 5:30PM Pacific time (8:30PM Eastern) for arrival at your facility the next morning.

Photoplot Pricing

Loading film on one of our 2 laser photoplotters

Laserlab Photoplot features

Photoplot Applications

Ordering and Delivery

Technical details of Laserlab photoplots


Cleaning and Storage


Image Resolutions

Two image resolutions are available, high and very high.

High resolution is 4000 DPI or 1/4 mil. (6.35um)

Very High resolution is 8000 DPI or 1/8 mil. (3.175um)

* Certain restrictions apply when making lines of minimum size. Orthogonal lines and spaces are easier to make than diagonal ones. Lines running parallel to the fast scan axis of the photoplotter are the best quality.

File Formats

* Preferred format is Gerber RS-274X. There may be a surcharge for loading and verifying Gerber RS-274D data.

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